Congratulations, America; you’ve made absurdity the new normal

The government of the United States is a shambles. An incompetent administration headed by an unqualified buffoon is now descending into criminal comedy and maladroit backstabbing. It is an administration that not only self-destructs, but glories in the process. There seems to be no end to it, and no desire to end it by the people who actually have the power to do so…. There’s a great unfolding treason now—not just the precise constitutionally defined treason, but a general betrayal of reason, of self-government, of honesty and of high office. They are now committing treason against themselves, grim betrayal winding around itself in coils ever tightening until there is nothing but the foul exhaling of the final breath of things that once belonged to better people than them.

I suppose we should be thanking the 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Without their truly, deeply ignorant and poorly considered decisions, Americans politics might well be a tremendously boring entity. Because 63 million Americans couldn’t remove their anterior from their posterior, we now have a decidedly Shakespearean drama playing out. The corrupt king, the evil prince, the palace intrigue…there’s probably even a damsel or two in distress in there somewhere.

Yes, Shakespeare could claim authorship. He would have had to have been drunk and delusional at the time; no sober or sane person could have come up with such an absurd plot. The ever-expanding web of lies, deception, propaganda, and incompetence continues to grow with each passing day, each sunrise dispensing new absurdities. It’s as if we’re watching the Trump Administration gradually, inexorably self-destruct- like a slow-motion train wreck. You see it, you know it’s coming, you know it will be a terrible, awful thing to behold…and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

It seems that, in Donald Trump’s White House, when the going gets tough the tough go to Fox News Channel and begin lying furiously. Trump fils went to Hannity, where the host gave him the FNC equivalent of a sloppy handjob.

How do you pretend you haven’t committed treason when you may well have done exactly that? Sean Hannity and the rest of the Right-wing echo chamber is working overtime to convince American not to worry about the man behind the curtain.

The email chain makes clear that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government. Further, it also makes plain that not only Junior, but also Manafort and Kushner knew the campaign had done so because Junior was kind enough to forward the emails to them. He incriminated himself. He incriminated the other two. He made a lie out of practically everything that the Trump camp has said on the subject for over a year. He landed a clean shot below the waterline of his father’s administration. Again, I thought of Nixon, standing behind a podium in the White House, while the tape from June 23, 1972 unspooled to an eager world, and then telling the assembled press corps, “See? It’s just like I said. I’m not involved.”

Pay no attention to the truth which is coming out in dribs and drabs, America! That’s just “fake news” from the Left-wing Media, which is engaged in a “Witch Hunt.”

This sorry saga reminds of an old story of a Texas politician caught in flagrante delicto by his wife. As he and his naked mistress are caught doing the horizontal mambo, he insists nothing untoward has happened:

“No one’s having an affair here! Who are you going to believe? Me? Or your lying eyes??”

For those of us who lived through the Watergate crisis (I was 14 when Nixon resigned and flew off into the sunset on Marine One), this is all beginning to feel familiar.

Did the Trump Administration collude with the Russian government to manipulate the Presidential election in The Donald’s favor? I don’t know how that can be credibly denied any longer. Donald Trump, Jr.’s email chain seems the definition of a “smoking gun.”

Did high-ranking members of Trump’s “brain trust” (a term I use loosely) commit treason? I’m not a constitutional lawyer, so I’ll leave that to those more well-versed in such matters. For my money, even if it doesn’t meet the legal definition of treason, there are clearly laws which have been violated.

Will anyone actually be held accountable for colluding with a hostile foreign government? You’ll have to pardon me if I’m not holding my breath on that count, but it’s still early. For now, I’m going to channel the immortal Doonesbury character, Mark Slackmeyer:


Nice work, America.

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