Memo to REAL Americans: Beware the awesome, malevolent power and influence of CNN

Right-wing radio host, commentator and conspiracy theorist Josh Bernstein posted a video yesterday calling on President Trump to shut down CNN and prosecute the network for treason. Seizing on the news that three CNN journalists responsible for a retracted story about an investigation into the ties between a Trump ally and a Russian bank had resigned, as well as a bogus James O’Keefe “sting” video purporting to show a CNN producer casting doubt on the network’s Russia coverage, Bernstein urged Trump to take swift action to put the network out of business. “For anybody that is still watching CNN, shame on you,” Bernstein fumed. “Shame on you, because you are supporting communism.”

REAL Americans- Conservative White Christians- should be on their knees thanking God for brave patriots like Josh Bernstein, who’s ripping the mask off the evil, licentious Liberal Media. If not for Bernstein and his selfless, godly work, Americans like myself might be watching CNN and believing it to be a source of honest, unbiased journalism.

As Bernstein has uncovered (Don’t worry; REAL Americans don’t need evidence- they KNOW the truth in their heart of hearts), CNN’s mission is indoctrinating children and the morally weak into the evil ways of communism. As soon as Bernstein figures out what communism actually IS, he’s going to tell us why we need to be afraid…very, very afraid.

Bernstein—whose own stringent “editorial standards” allow him to proclaim that all Muslims should be eradicated, that John Podesta is a “serial murderer and hit man” who personally killed Seth Rich and that both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are secretly gay—blasted CNN for having absolutely “no editorial standards and guidelines.”

“You make the North Korean media look honest,” he said, “you bunch of creeps.”

“President Trump, please, pull CNN’s license,” Bernstein begged. “They do not need to be broadcasting anything. Nothing! There is no reason for CNN to be in existence. That place should be shut down for treason, for espionage, for sedition, you name it. I would love the see the Justice Department literally file complaints and lawsuits against CNN.”

If you look at Bernstein’s rant as merely bad comedy, it makes more sense. The problem, though, is that there are a large number of Americans who believe someone who makes Alex Jones look the very picture of sanity. Of the 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump, too many believe Bernstein and those like him are brave, honest patriots. They’re convinced that Bernstein is courageously speaking truth to power.

It seems the 1st Amendment doesn’t exist in Bernstein’s world. Not only do all the voices know him, they believe Liberals, homosexuals, Muslims, and [insert name of hated bogeyman here] should be summarily executed. As ANY good, God-fearing Christian patriot KNOWS in their gut, America belongs to Conservative White Christians. Period. It says so right there in the Bible. Somewhere. I think.

Now, if you’ll be so kind as to excuse me, I must return to my previously scheduled efforts to undermine freedom and liberty.

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