Yes, it’s true: Karen Handel may well be The Worst Person in the World


Karen Handel — the Republican candidate in next week’s special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district — told a constituent with a lesbian daughter that her “faith calls her” to prevent the woman’s daughter from ever adopting a child. The New Civil Rights Movement reported Friday that Handel was clearly caught off guard by the woman’s question, which took place during a constituent meet-and-greet at a sandwich shop in the district…. “What protections do I have for her having a family in the future, wanting to adopt a kid?” the woman asked. “(N)ote how quick Handel is to cut the woman off when the conversation moves to civil rights and equality for LGBTQ people,” wrote NCRM’s David Badash. “I have to be honest,” Handel told the woman while placing her hand on her heart. “My faith calls me to a different place on the issue.”

I will freely admit to not being a fan of Karen Handel, the Republican version of Vlad the Impaler. Her joyless Christian faith is straight out of the American Taliban playbook. She’s about as Christ-like as Torquemada was about kindness and compassion. No doubt about it; Handel could suck the joy out of a screaming orgasm…so her response to a constituent’s question is characteristic of her intolerance and utter absence of compassion.

She went on to say that her faith calls on her to be “compassionate,” but that she is “not aware of anything in the law, right now, that I’m aware of, that’s going to be impactful, from a discriminatory standpoint, against your daughter.”

She then stood, giving an arms-wide, “What am I supposed to do?” gesture and ended the conversation.

Handel has a wonderful facility for laying waste to pretty much whatever she comes into contact with. She almost singlehandedly destroyed the Susan G. Komen Foundation. As Komen’s CEO, she decided to take an organization renowned for the yeoman’s work it did to combat breast cancer and attempted to make it reflect her Right-wing values. Handel decided to withhold Komen funds from Planned Parenthood. She also partnered with gun manufacturers to raise money, something which didn’t sit well with many of Komen’s benefactors. Handel’s conduct invited a level of scrutiny which embarrassed Komen by revealing an astonishing level of misconduct and mismanagement at the top. She’s the reason I will never donate money to Komen; there are many other nonprofits doing excellent work without the corruption, mismanagement, or ideological hijinks.

If Handel wins a seat in Congress, her job would be to represent the people of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, NOT her own narrow moral framework. As a Congresswoman, it’s neither her responsibility nor her place to be forcing her belief system on others. She may not recognize or acknowledge the separation of Church and State, but it’s something she really should familiarize herself with. Because homophobia, intolerance, and religious tyranny have no place in the public sphere.

Karen Handel’s angry, vindictive, hateful God shouldn’t be allowed to be conflated with our government. Defeating Handel would send the long overdue message that religion and government each have their place, but one she not be subverted to the interests of the other.

Then again, this is Georgia we’re talking about, where many Conservatives have no problem with their God being our government. America really ISN’T a Christian nation, but try telling that to Georgia’s godly patriots.

Karen Handel shouldn’t be allowed to manage a 7-Eleven, much less hold a seat in Congress…come Tuesday, we’ll have a better handle on what our collective future holds. I’m not holding my breath.

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