The Lack of Self-Awareness Olympics: A bully with a Twitter account is now the leader of the free world

It’s what’s on my mind: As those who’ve been tuned to the “real” news and current events know, following the weekend attacks in London, POTUS 45 caused much controversy by misquoting and then criticizing London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, through his vicious Twitter rants. Among many, British author J.K. Rowling (of “Harry Potter” fame) joined in with the global condemnation of the American president, calling him an “alarmist blowhard.” Rowling also unearthed a tweet from Donald Trump that no doubt is coming back to bite him in the behind. I’m sure there are many more where that one came from.

The above quote comes courtesy of an old college friend, who, if memory serves, I befriended even though he was a Dodgers fan. Michael’s a talented writer and an astute observer of humanity in all its myriad glories. He’s far from didactic or hyper-partisan, but he does know bullshit when it’s served to him…a skill in surprisingly short supply these days.

I never cease to be amazed at the ways a 71-year-old man can use Twitter to express and confirm an utter lack of maturity and native intelligence. Granted, the nature of Twitter is that it’s where the intellectually inagile go to erase any doubt as to their lack of native intelligence. That the leader of the free world sees nothing amiss with using his Twitter account to embarrass himself is astonishing. The language he uses and the arguments he makes are juvenile at best and inappropriate and immature at worst.

I’ve vehemently disagreed with Presidents before (Ronald Reagan and both Bushes), but I’ve never been utterly ashamed of and embarrassed by a leader so inept, unfit, and thoroughly corrupt as Donald Trump.

I can only truly express my antipathy by using the hashtag created by Dan Savage: #ITMFA.

Nice work, America.

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