“You’re not all children of God…you’re children of your father, the devil”

Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson spent a portion of his broadcast this morning railing against Pride Month and insisting that those who celebrate it prove that “all human beings are not children of God.” Peterson was upset by remarks that Michael Eric Dyson delivered at a Pride march in which he asserted that all people deserve to be treated equally “because, at the end of the day, we are all children of God.”…. “We are all not children of God,” Peterson responded. “Do you think Maxine Waters is a child of God? Come on. Do you think Michael Eric Dyson is a son of God? No! Do you think the dirty women march were women who are daughters of God? The antifa folks, do you think that they are children of God? How about Hillary Clinton? There is nothing on this side of heaven to indicate that Hillary Clinton is a child of God.”…. “You’re not all children of God,” he added. “You’re children of your father, the devil.”

It would be easy to argue Christians like Jesse Lee Peterson are no more followers of the Lord Jesus Christ than I am a Packers fan. I could, but why? I’ve done it so many times before and, unsurprisingly, little if anything has changed. No, my purpose is to marvel at how someone claiming to be a follower of Christ can advocate for hating and excluding those who dare run afoul of his tightly ordered moral universe?

Did someone sleep through the Sunday School lesson on Christian love and charity? Does he refuse to read Scripture speaking to love, tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion? Or is his faith merely camouflage providing a patina of righteousness to his hatefulness and bigotry?

I feel sorry for Peterson. I mean, how miserable and ineffectual must a human be in order to honestly believe THEY AND ONLY THEY can determine who are truly “Children of God?” We know Peterson makes the cut…’cuz he’s the one laying out the criteria. Still, for someone who professes to revere the Lord and Savior who preached love, tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion, he hates a LOT of people. The demographic groups at the top of his “not Children of God” list are clearly Liberals and gays…but I have a feeling his list goes well beyond those two slices of humanity. It doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice…because Jesse Lee Peterson knows. He knows your heart, he knows your sick, twisted desires, and he KNOWS you’re going to Hell.

Man, it can’t be easy carrying the burden of passing judgment on such large cross-sections of humanity…which would explain why Peterson is such a miserably hateful and self-righteous “Christian.”

Silly me; I grew up believing that Christianity was about joy, love, and compassion for one’s fellow human beings. I had NO idea God is actually a perpetually angry, mean-spirited, vindictive SOB.

And people wonder how I can be good without God….

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