“This Is About the Election of Trump, the Unhinged Hate from the Left and Democrats’ Silence”

It fascinates me how we’re never allowed to blame guns or Right-wing rhetoric for gun violence, but a Bernie Sanders supporter opens fire on a Republican baseball practice and “It’s because of Liberal hate speech!!” Of course it was a BernieBro; no patriotic Trump supporter would EVER be capable of such unspeakable violence.

Not that there’s a double standard in play or anything….

Somehow, a radical Right-winger who uses a gun to kill is a misguided patriot, but someone who leans left is “the lunatic fringe,” the addled “deranged base of the Democratic party.” It’s indisputable evidence of the radical Left taking matters into its own hands. “Unhinged hate from the Left” finally caused an out of control Liberal to take matters into their own hands.

Right…because there are SO many Liberal extremists with guns, don’tchaknow??

Interestingly, when that argument has been turned around after previous mass shootings, Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes © wax apoplectic about the inappropriateness of such blame-casting. For the most part, I agree with them. The act of one lone madman can’t necessarily be laid to watching too much Fox News or reading too much InfoWars (though it may contribute); it’s almost always far more complex.

In this case, though, Rep. King and others on the Far Right wasted no time screaming “LIBERALS DID THIS!!!”…as if Liberal hate speech is toxic while Conservative hate speech is merely the expression of frustrated Patriots. It’s a laughably cheap and amateurish attempt at politicizing this tragedy. What else could it be but an illustration of the truth that only MOR GUNZ!!! will keep Americans safe?

After all, there are lessons to be learned. It was just a matter of time before some unhinged Liberal (manipulated by the Left-wing media) angry at Donald Trump’s election took out his frustrations.

It’s easy to know who’s responsible for stoking the anger of Liberal loons- the hysterical anti-Trump media. (That the Right-wing media spent eight years lying and spreading propaganda about Barack Obama is COMPLETELY different. Those were patriots; this was the work of an unhinged Liberal loon egged on by Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and Joy Reid.)

To some on the Right, this week’s shooting represents the first shots in our Second Civil War. That it happened on the President’s birthday should be taken as a declaration of war by frustrated, impotent Lefties…because as any REAL American knows, it’s a short distance from Liberal hate speech to terrorism.

‘Cuz Libruls hate America (and Americans) Just. That. Much.

How do we know this? Because Democrats are already using this attack to justify calling for more gun control. They’d take our guns when we most need them.

Right…because Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes © can’t protect America without their guns.

And you were hoping Republicans might see this as their “come to Jesus” moment and recognize the need to do something to protect innocent Americans? If not even the shooting of one of their own is enough to effect that, I’m not certain what it’s going to take.

Nice work, America.

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