The More You Know: Ariana Grande is in league with Satan

David Whitney Asks Which Is Worse: Terrorism Or Ariana Grande’s Promotion Of Satanism And Sodomy

“It appears this Ariana is like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, leading a whole generation of young people, and indeed some very young people, to a very dangerous place,” he said, adding that Grande is “indeed a dangerous woman.”…. “This dangerous woman is promoting every form of immorality and indeed she is promoting satanism by her music and by her lyrics and by her gyrations,” Whitney said. “So while we can measure accurately the damage that the suicide bomber accomplished—we can count the body bags, we can read the list of those in the hospital recovering from their injuries that the suicide bomber caused—it is far more difficult to measure the damage done by this dangerous woman. Exactly how many souls has she led down the path of destruction?”

Amazing, isn’t it, how a woman who’s not yet 24 years old could place our children’s morality and immortal souls in such peril? Satan certainly works in mysterious ways.

Whitney, yet another American Taliban example of what can happen when Christianity, delusions of adequacy, and mental illness are mixed, sees Evil where most mere mortals would see only music and dance. That said, it takes a special sort of hyper-religious monster to equate Grande’s bubblegum-sweet pop music with terrorism, satanism, and/or sodomy. Then again, it’s the age-old generational conflict; my parents couldn’t stand the music I listened to. ‘Course, they didn’t equate it with satanism or sodomy. Truth be told, Ariana Grande is no more a threat to the morality and immortal souls of our children than Eric Trump is a threat to compassion and human decency. Honestly, Trump very likely poses a greater to morality than Grande could ever hope to.

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