“The single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history?” Not quite.


Call it lack of self-awareness or lack of integrity, but there’s definitely something lacking in this President. The vociferous impotent protesting over the attention being paid to what some are calling “Russiagate” raises a question. What’s Donald Trump so afraid of? If, as he claims, he’s done nothing wrong, why not quietly acquiesce to the investigation? Why not recognize the need to have questions answered in order that Americans might rest easy and know our President isn’t- and hasn’t been- engaged in acts of treason? Why the loud and angry protestations of innocence.

Sometimes, people need to look into a matter in order to be assured nothing is amiss. The President’s reaction to the investigation seems that of someone with something to hide. What is it he’s afraid of? What’s he trying to cover up? Does he not realize the more he protests, the more questions are raised? Worse, does he not see that lobbing rhetorical bombs at Sec. Clinton (HER EMAILS!!!) and The Black Guy in the White House © (SOMETHING! SOMEWHERE!!) is pathetic?

Of course he doesn’t. He lacks even the most basic sense of self-awareness. When your career has been predicated upon demanding credit and deflecting blame, you’re not going to be inclined to take personal responsibility. For anything. YOU are the genius responsible for your successes; EVERYONE ELSE is to blame for your failures. Personal responsibility is for other, lesser mortals.

What this President fails to realize is that Harry Truman’s dictum- THE BUCK STOPS HERE- really does apply to the Presidency. Whether he chooses to accept that or not is immaterial; there’s nowhere else for credit or blame to go.

Wanting answers is not conducting a witch hunt. As for being treated worse than any other President, he might want to keep in mind that Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head. Oh…and The Black Guy in the White House © was hounded for years over his birth certificate and place of birth. Just saying….

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