I’d never advocate for violence, but when Barbarians are at the gates of our democracy….


It may be borderline treasonous (at the very least, it’s certainly bad form) to wish for the deaths of the President and others in our government. Even so, I’m surprised at the frequency with which I something along the lines of “I just wish someone would take him out” in reference to Donald Trump. The sentiment, while shocking when I consider who I hear it from, is understandable. When good and decent people see our government and country being overrun by barbarians determined to destroy every good thing about America, what’s an appropriate reaction?

There’s little doubt but that the President’s a pig and a demagogue who lacks the self-awareness to recognize what an embarrassment he is. The party controlling Congress is comprised of corrupt thugs, zealots, and haters of all stripes. How, then, are those who believe in the good things America has historically stood for supposed to react? How do we reclaim this country from the bullies and the intellectual and moral midgets? How do we fight back against those who view their sojourn in government as an opportunity to enrich themselves? How are we supposed to respond to the rampant corruption, religious tyranny, xenophobia, and disdain for all things not White, Conservative, and Christian?

I would never in any way advocate for assassinating a President…but neither would I shed so much as a tear were it to happen to Donald Trump. Now that Philistines are in charge of the temple, it appears our government has come to be viewed as the world’s largest and most generous ATM…and democracy has become an afterthought.

How to stop those heavily invested in viewing public service as an opportunity to line their pockets? In times past, violent revolution and assassinations would have seemed reasonable options to remove thugs and criminals. I have no desire to invite a knock on my door from the Secret Service, so I’ll stop well short of that. Given the incompetence, the corruption, and the self-serving dismantling of government agencies and policies, what can we do?

I wish I had an answer. I will say- and I’m certainly not proud of this- that if someone were to assassinate the President, I doubt there’d be many tears shed. Yes, it would be shocking and terrible, and it’s certainly nothing any decent, rational, and/or compassionate person would open hope or advocate for. Still, were it to happen, I doubt my first reaction would be sorrow.

I don’t like feeling this way, and I’m certainly not proud of it…but how else should I feel when our government has been co-opted by thugs, thieves, and bullies?

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  1. Racer X

    Let’s face it, until there is some more powerful motivation to overcome these people’s hatred, greed and lust for power they will continue their behavior. As you rightly point out from history (including our own) violence can provide such a deterrent. Hopefully it does not escalate to that level. I think we’ve seen from the rowdy townhalls and demonstrations that the undercurrent is there. If they continue to ignore the warning signs I have no doubt there will be bloodshed.


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