Perhaps it’s time Donald Trump accepted that he will never, EVER be one of the cool kids

[W]e already knew that seven members of the New England Patriots would not be attending the White House. That number, it turns out, was far below the actual number of players who would choose not to attend the ceremony with President Donald Trump to celebrate their Super Bowl LI win over the Atlanta Falcons. MassLive’s Kevin Duffy is down with the Patriots in Washington and spotted 34 players in attendances. Meanwhile, he noted 34 players who should have been invited to the White House who were not in attendance.

Donald Trump, undoubtedly the most thin-skinned President in American history, bristles every time he’s compared to Barack Obama. The most obvious example is Trump’s inauguration. Though pictures document a crowd much smaller than for either of President Obama’s inaugurals, Trump insists his crowds were far larger. Imagine how badly his tender sensibilities were bruised when the Patriots’ visit to the White House was contrasted to their visit to Barack Obama’s White House. As with virtually any other comparison with his predecessor, Trump comes up short, which probably drives him nuts.

No matter how hard Donald Trump pretends otherwise, he will likely always fall short when compared to Barack Obama. The example of the Patriots’ White House visit is merely the latest example. One estimate showed 34 players went to the White House…and 34 stayed away. Granted, not all of the absences were attempts at making a political statement…but many were. Many African-Americans on New England’s roster declined to attend the ceremony on the South Lawn honoring the team for its most recent Super Bowl victory. Some were quite clear about their reasons for staying away, and some claimed personal or scheduling conflicts. Regardless of the reasons, the absences were a slap in the face for perhaps the most despised President in our nation’s history. There’s a message in there…if only this President wasn’t too arrogant and self-absorbed to grasp the meaning.

No matter how entitled he may feel himself to be or how hard he tries, Donald Trump will never be granted a seat at the adult table. His crude, ignorant, bull-in-a-china-shop persona will always keep him from being fully accepted and taken seriously. He will always be considered to be a gauche and uncouth buffoon unwelcome in polite company. Absent a personality transplant, he’ll never be respected or revered in the way Barack Obama was.

That’s what happens when you’re a jerk.

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