Personal responsibility for thee, nay for me

Alvin Bamberger (in white shirt, Shiya Nwanguma — YouTube screenshot

Attorneys for a Ohio man who is accused of attacking a black woman at a Donald Trump campaign rally last March claimed their client was acting at the behest of the then-candidate. According to the Guardian, Alvin Bamberger, a 75-year-old Ohio resident and a member of a veterans association, is charged, along with two other Trump boosters, with harassment over the attack on Shiya Nwanguma…. As part of his defense, Bamberger’s attorneys stated that their client, “admits only that he touched a woman,” but pinned the blame on Trump. “Bamberger had no prior intention to act has he did,” the attorneys wrote in their filing. “Bamberger would not have acted as he did without Trump and/or Trump campaign’s specific urging and inspiration. To the extent that Bamberger acted, he did so in response to – and inspired by – Trump and/or Trump campaign’s urging to remove the protesters.” According to the attorneys, if Bamberger is found liable, Trump or his campaign are also to blame “because Trump and/or Trump campaign urged and inspired Bamberger to act as he did.”

Not surprisingly, there’s plenty of immaturity and hypocrisy in this story. Donald Trump’s has been well- and long-documented, of course. Race-baiting and emotional manipulation are well-worn components of his campaign toolbox- no surprise there, eh? While he should be held responsible for his language and demagoguery, Alvin Bamberger made the decision to attack Ms. Nwanguma, whose only “crime” was being black at a Trump rally. His decision to blame his actions on Trump is as reprehensible as it is hypocritical.

Despite being a devotee of the candidate of a party claiming to be predicated on personal responsibility, Bamberger seems perfectly OK with deflecting blame onto the person he voted for. He’d previously acknowledged his involvement in the attack, but says he got “caught up in the frenzy.” That, at least in his own mind, evidently absolves him of any responsibility. How can he be thought culpable for his actions when everyone around him was also “caught up in the frenzy?”

I may despise everything Donald Trump stands for and believe him to be a pig in an expensive suit, but this one shouldn’t be laid at his feet. Bamberger’s decision to attack Ms. Nwanguma was his and his alone. His attempt to evade personal responsibility is as pathetic as it is lame. Time to be a man and own your screw-up, don’tchathink??

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  1. Racer X

    When is it time to put the myth of party of responsibility to bed? It’s been decades since the GOP showed any. At this point they know the phrase is a joke and they don’t care.


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