We’re Americans- we honor, protect, and exercise our rights…even if Homer Simpson IS President

I realize we have an evil, malevolent version of Homer Simpson as President, but why act as if every exercise of our constitutional rights is an act of resistance? They’re our RIGHTS, guaranteed by the CONSTITUTION. I understand the threat those rights currently face (Thanks, America’s Lowest Common Denominator ©!!). Exercising those rights hardly constitutes an act of resistance; they’re simply being American.

In the spirit of “the best revenge is living well,” I think the best way to protect our freedoms is to continue exercising them- consciously and purposefully. Speak up, speak out…continue being American and doing what Americans do. Protect what the Constitution guarantees us by making certain we never take it for granted. Be sure to walk the walk if you must talk the talk…but let’s stop pretending the exercise of our Constitutional rights is an act of resistance. It’s being American. It’s what we do. Let’s not take that for granted.

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