Without someone to hate and oppress, Conservatives wouldn’t have a reason to live

There seems to be a perception among Conservative culture warriors that the LGBTQ community won’t put up a fight, that they’ll sit back and meekly accept being relegated to second-class status. As Takei indicates, that may well prove to be a mistaken assumption. We might be talking about a minority class of people, but it’s a class with enormous reach, influence, and economic power. (Translation: They’re here. They’re queer. Get used to it…’cuz they’re not going away.)

Takei’s threat isn’t just so many empty words. If (and when) the LGBTQ community decides the time has come to fight back, you can bet the pushback will be fast, furious, and significant.

Active resistance isn’t the community’s default; they understandably just want to be left alone to live their lives in the most genuine and authentic manner possible. Eventually, those who believe it their right to oppress those whose only “crime” is living and loving “differently” from the “norm” may discover what resistance actually looks like. They may be LGBTQ…but that shouldn’t be taken to mean they’re meek, unassuming, and unwilling to fight back.

Bigots and haters should consider themselves warned: proceed at your own peril.

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