The fact that America has been “dumbed down” explains how we got to where we are

I have to laugh at those who believe a big part of the problem with America these days is Liberals and Progressives “sounding all smart and stuff.” I’m not certain when it became fashionable to be ignorant…or when having a functional, nimble intellect came to be considered a handicap. Whatever, Liberals “sounding too smart” is NOT the problem this country faces today.

Lack of knowledge didn’t put a man on the moon or cure polio. Intellectual agility is nothing to apologize for…and if “sounding too smart” is a crime, you might as well get a rope and string me up now.

America wasn’t built by the stupid. We didn’t become the world’s preeminent economic and military power by elevating the intellectually deficient as model Americans. America is what it is today in large part because of people with the brain power and drive to figure out how we could do things better, faster, more efficiently, and/or more effectively. When the dominant narrative becomes that Liberals are “sounding too smart,” when ignorance becomes what this country values, we all lose. Intelligence isn’t the problem; willful, aggressive ignorance and an unswerving devotion to the Dunning-Kruger Effect is. It’s time for the intellectually bereft stopped denigrating smart people. Those possessed of a functional intellect have no reason to feel they should apologize for their brain power.

Stupid people have already screwed the pooch…and that damage isn’t going to fix itself. That’s going to require smart people stepping in and doing what needs to be done. The ignorant will always be with us, but sometimes they need to be protected from themselves. Unfortunately, victims of the Dunning-Kruger Effect vote in large numbers, which explains how so many view Donald Trump not only as a model President but as some sort of hero.

Where we are today is proof that the only truly renewable and abundant resources in America are ignorance and smug arrogance.

2 thoughts on “The fact that America has been “dumbed down” explains how we got to where we are

  1. steeleweed

    If Joe Bageant could weigh in on the subject, he would point out that that keeping the Mutt People ignorant was a deliberate (and very successful) plan. He would also note that the ‘liberal, progressive’ part of the Middle Class is very condescending toward ‘his people’. They give lip service to lifting the underclass – particularly the non-white underclass – as long as they can keep their access to college and healthcare, their SUVs, their Montessori schools, their 401Ks and good pensions..


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