Methinks thou doth protesteth overmuch

A very wise man once said that if you begin by telling the truth you never have to worry about keeping your story straight. Neither do you have to loudly proclaim your innocence if you know yourself to have been wrongly accused. Professional liars understand the best thing to do is keep your mouth shut…because every time you begin flapping your lips, you provide ammunition to those who believe to be lying. If you’re frequently and loudly proclaiming your innocence, people are going to begin wondering what it is you’re so sensitive about. You’ll also be providing your detractors fresh evidence, which you’ll have to invent new lies to cover up. If you’re indeed telling the truth, why would you need to shout it to the four winds…or, in the case of President Trump, take to Twitter with multiple tweets?

Frequently attempting to debunk what you’ve convinced yourself is “fake new” can be taken as indication of one’s insecurity in their version of the truth. They fear people won’t believe their story, and so they feel compelled to broadcast their innocence whenever the opportunity arises. The truth eventually becomes evident and accepted; lies require sales jobs.

If Trump knows the accusation of his alleged collusion with Russia to be false, all he needs to do is wait out the storm. Once the media and the American Sheeple realize there’s no evidence to support the charges, they’ll move on. Instead, the President is making it impossible to move on. His deluge of verbal and tweeted denials serves only to keep the issue alive…and make people wonder what he’s covering up.

He can insult CNN and MSNBC as “fake news” all he wants. He can laud Fox News Channel for “much higher ratings” and what he sees as more accurate (i.e.– friendlier) reporting from now until Christmas Eve. What he can’t do is kill the Russia story with frequent, vehement denunciations and denials. The fact that he feels compelled to frequently and volubly proclaim his innocence only serves to raise some very good questions:

What is he so afraid of? What is he not telling us? What is he hiding?

If the truth is on his side, why is he operating from a place of insecurity and uncertainty? Someone being honest knows the truth is on his side, meaning he has nothing to worry about. There’s no need for him to proclaim his innocence; the truth will eventually and inevitably set him free.

A sociopath and pathological liar, someone who’s pathologically dishonest and devoid of integrity, can never relax. He knows that if he relaxes, he may make a mistake which will out him and reveal his guilt. Donald Trump lies as he breathes, meaning he must constantly manufacture new lies to cover for previous dissembling and prevarication. Eventually, the truth WILL come out…and there’s a pretty good chance America will realize the emperor has no integrity.

Nice work, America.

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