“The Republican effort is needlessly preying on the most vulnerable among us”

[T]he Republican war on safety nets is really just beginning. The House’s cruel Obamacare repeal bill is an opening shot in a much longer and larger political battle—as if kicking 19 million people off Obamacare isn’t enough. The Republicans holding the real reins of powers—in Congress via lawmaking and executive branch via rule making—aren’t considering human needs first. Where they aren’t citing ideological goals like federal debt reduction to cut off safety net subsidies, they’re looking to destroy these programs by penalizing their participants…and they’re also allowing their political sponsors to make money by privatization[.]… The Republican effort is needlessly preying on the most vulnerable among us while enriching GOP allies (by repealing Obamacare taxes on the wealthy and medical industries, or though privatization). No matter what happens to Ryan’s Obamacare repeal legislation, this political struggle to preserve social safety nets is only beginning.

I find myself wondering what it is that drives Congressional Republicans to be so…evil. What is it that renders them so thoroughly devoid of compassion? Is there a legitimate policy objective? Does potentially tossing millions off the health insurance rolls not strike them as cause for concern? Are they so removed from the realities of life for everyday Americans that they can’t grasp the impact repealing Obamacare might have? Do they hate Barack Obama that much?

Or do they simply not care? As much as I hate to assume the worst, to believe Republicans lack a basic level of humanity and compassion, it’s difficult for me to know what else to think. It started out as a humorous attack by then-Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) on Republican intentions, but their plan to replace Obamacare may really be:

1. Don’t get sick.
2. If you do get sick, have the decency to die quickly.

This is a question I find myself asking a lot these days, but I’ll keep asking it until I no longer need to:

How is it this country has plenty of money for our military (and President Trump wants to give it 10% MORE)…but not nearly enough to guarantee every American a basic level of healthcare?

I continue to ask that question because it’s clear our collective priorities are backasswards. We deride as “SOCIALISM!!” any attempt to create a health care system which covers every American. We ignore the truth that doing so would cost a fraction of the increase President Trump is proposing in defense spending. We accept the premise that tax dollars can be more profitably spent on preparing, conducting, and perfecting our ability to wage war. Worse, we reject any attempt to create a healthcare system that actually works.

Republicans in Congress understand this and have crafted their propaganda to portray universal health care as the worst sort of Liberal Big Government tyranny imaginable. House Speaker Paul Ryan speaks of repealing Obamacare in terms of guaranteeing “freedom” for all Americans. Using “freedom” as cover for lack of compassion and humanity seems about the most cynical thing imaginable.

Yes, EVERY American MUST have the “freedom” to die from lack of health care. It’s what the Founding Fathers would have wanted.

That’s not leadership, nor is it fiscal responsibility or protecting freedom. It’s evil, plain and simple- the sort of freedumb which appeals to America’s Lowest Common Denominator ©.

Nice work, America.

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