Yes, Virginia…karma can be a real bitch

After voting for the first time at the age of 55, for Donald Trump, Martha Brawley is worried that the main issue that brought her to the polls, health insurance coverage, is going to become worse. Brawley, a resident of Monroe, North Carolina, said she fears the new Republican health insurance bill will significantly raise her premiums. “I’m 55. This is the first time in my life I voted, and I voted for Trump hoping that he would change the insurance so I could get good health care,” she told ABC News. “I might as well have not voted.” She first spoke to The New York Times about her concern that she would receive thousands of dollars less in assistance, as tax credits, to help her buy health care coverage under the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), dubbed “Trumpcare.”

Back in the day, when I was still handing out the DUMB@$$ AWARD, Martha Brawley would have bypassed the candidate stage and gone straight to the Hall of Shame. At the risk of sound arrogant (and perhaps slightly bitter)…WTF was she thinking?? That presumes she engaged in anything resembling an actual thought process while in the voting booth….

To say “karma can be a real bitch” would hardly seem to do justice to Ms. Brawley’s ignorance. NOW she’s complaining about the policies of the person she voted for? That’s rich. You made your bed….

I might as well have not voted.” Would that you have not, m’dear…because you clearly couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to what your choice was saying and doing. What was it that you chose to ignore before casting your vote for someone who, two months in, is arguably already the Worst President EVER? Was it his ability to lie faster than the speed of fact checking? Was it the open displays of racism and bigotry? Was it the Nuremberg-style rallies? Was it his gracelessly mocking a disabled reporter? Or maybe it was his “Grab ’em by the pussy” moment?

You fell for the propaganda and this pathological dishonesty. Instead of recognizing what was happening, you willfully ignored what was patently obvious. You made a stupid decision for stupid reasons, voted for a sociopath…and now you’re regretting it? Cry me a river, lady. You and 63 million other Americans were too arrogantly self-righteous to believe what was being reported about Donald Trump on a daily basis. You voted for a sociopath and unrepentant pathological liar. How you could possibly consider him qualified to be President defies rational explanation. YOU made that choice of your own free will, no one held a gun to your head in the voting booth. Now you’re about to learn that decisions have consequences.

Enjoy Trumpcare. Just don’t plan on being able to see a doctor when you need to…and don’t expect sympathy. Your new health will actually be far simpler than what you have now. It will be a two-step plan:

1) Don’t get sick.
2) If you do become ill, have the decency to die quickly.

You did this to yourself, so no, you don’t get to claim buyer’s remorse. Suck it up, Buttercup. You purchased a ticket; now you get to enjoy the ride.

Nice work, America.

1 thought on “Yes, Virginia…karma can be a real bitch

  1. Ken Thomas

    Dumbass. My neighbor is on the ACA. He’s screwed. He has a preexisting condition, that’s why he had to go on the ACA. He’s sweating bullets. He just told me that he’s getting ready to retire. He’s now worried about Medicare cuts. He ALWAYS votes Republican. Fuck him. He deserves what he gets. I just worry about those of us that didn’t vote for Trump and get screwed over.


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