Something tells me these folks aren’t Trump supporters living in east Texas

We are a higher vibrational couple seeking new housing that is healing and healthy. We have been renting rooms in Portland for the past 10+ years and it’s time for us to have our own place! We’ve been married for over a year and we launched a small cottage business in December. We are currently in a difficult & unsafe living situation that we need to get out of ASAP! We need a small home with a kitchen, an outside garden space for our rescued magical kitty to roam in, well-lit with lots of windows, space for our home office, and a bathroom with a bathtub. We are super down to earth, we live sustainably, we love to garden and grow organic food, we have a large collection of crystals and house plants, we enjoy music, dancing, Qigong, meditation practices, yoga, delicious home cooked food and raw meals, laughing, creating art, and working on our business. We dont drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, we bicycle & use trimet. We are artists and writers. Queer friendly, we dont fit into societal boxes. Stellar references, well-known in the St Johns community, and [redacted] is a local activist, trained in NVC. Able to trade pet care, garden care, home repair, housecleaning, etc for a break on rent do we can save up for a trip celebrating our union. Please send me any leads you come across – we are reaching out to our community hoping to find a lovely space with an awesome landlord or another higher consciousness couple or individual. Thank you 🙂 <3

If you’ve ever been on, you know what a truly strange trip it can be. Here in Portland, the weirdness is often ratcheted up a degree or six. Perhaps it’s the rain, the mildew, legal marijuana, or people overdosing on patchouli. Whatever, every now and again I run across something so earnestly, unintentionally out there and groovy that I find it difficult to process.

I’ve removed the names to protect the innocent, but- as Erin eloquently observed- “people can be weird.” My purpose isn’t to ridicule, but I’ll admit to struggling to wrap my head around the “higher vibrational couple” thing. Either these folks have bit hitting the marijuana brownies a wee bit too much…or they were born about five decades too late.

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