All Republicans need to do to prove me wrong is govern effectively. Go ahead; I’ll wait….


A few days ago, I compared Minnesota and Wisconsin to support my contention that Republicans are simply incapable of governing effectively when given the opportunity. No, Democrats aren’t perfect, but it certainly seems as if everything Republicans touch turns to shit.

As additional proof of my belief, consider the comparison between California and Kansas. California, governed by “tax-and-spend Liberal” Jerry Brown, and Kansas, governed by “Jesus is a Republican” Sam Brownback, represent two opposite ends of the ideological spectrum. Brown believes government can be a force for good to improve the lives of Californians. Brownback believes government to be the enemy and that reducing taxes will reveal his “less is more” philosophy to be the gateway to job creation and good economic times.

Brown’s philosophy has been borne out. Brownback’s has turned Kansas into something close to an economic basket case. All one need do is review the job creation numbers for California vis-avis Kansas. Spoiler alert: Kansas doesn’t come out of any comparison looking good.

Truth is that when Republicans are given the opportunity to govern, they fail more often than not. Perhaps they’re so wedded to ideology and talking points that they refuse to recognize what’s happening in reality. Chasing bad policy with yet more bad policy is a recipe for failure…if not disaster. Whether on the state or federal level, Republicans have proven themselves incapable of managing- much less growing- the economy. Unable to recognize that reducing taxes doesn’t work without a radical prioritization of how tax dollars are appropriated, they keep making the same mistakes.

I don’t particularly enjoy watching Republicans fail…because their failure impacts their constituents. Then again, if people keeping electing Republicans, perhaps failure isn’t the problem I perceive it to be. Perhaps the American Sheeple are more comfortable with being propagandized into mute compliance. Perhaps they really do believe failure to be preferable to success…because Republicans and the Right-wing media tell them so.

Nice work, America.

2 thoughts on “All Republicans need to do to prove me wrong is govern effectively. Go ahead; I’ll wait….

  1. Ke Thomas

    Yet all my Republican acquaintances tell me that California’s economy is tanking. Never mind that they have the sixth largest economy in the world. The stupidity is strong in them.


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