“What does he means when he says words?”

Once upon a time, we lived in a world in which Presidents at least made a pretense of operating in the realm of reality. It’s certainly true that Presidents- like any other politician- aren’t necessarily renowned for being paragons of honesty and integrity. Still, they generally made a show of at least recognizing and respecting the truth. Americans, depending on their political orientation, may not have supported the President, but they could at least believe him to be more or less telling the truth.

Then along came Donald Trump, who has single-handedly normalized pathological dishonesty and legitimized fake news. He neither recognizes nor respects the truth; this President conflates what he believes to be true with actual truth. Or perhaps it’s far worse than merely placing belief on par with truth. Perhaps he’s incapable of discerning between the two. Yes, Virginia, the most powerful man in the free world makes shit up as he goes and may be unable (he’s certainly unwilling) to differentiate truth from propaganda.

If you’re a journalist, how do you cover a President who lies faster than the speed of fact-checking? How do you hold someone accountable for their pathological prevaricating when you’re working on lie #1…and he’s well into double digits and just getting warmed up?

If you voted for Donald Trump, I have a question for you. How could you knowingly and willingly cast your ballot for a man who lies as he breathes…and has for virtually all of his 70 years? Surely you couldn’t be gullible enough to take him at his word? Surely, you couldn’t have been unaware his pathological dishonesty and sociopathic tendencies have been well-documented for decades? You couldn’t possibly be ignorant enough to believe that Trump was in it for anything but his own self-aggrandizement and profit?


Good Lord, y’all; we are SO gefickt….

Nice work, America.

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