Remember, White Christian extremists can’t be terrorists

Because, as any good, God-fearing Conservative White patriot knows, Christians can’t be terrorists.

A white supremacist planned a terror attack “in the spirit of Dylann Roof” on a South Carolina synagogue, the FBI alleges. Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell, 29, of Conway, South Carolina was arrested Wednesday for allegedly attempting to buy a gun from an undercover agent posing as a hitman for the Aryan Nations. McDowell is a convicted felon and legally prohibited from buying firearms. McDowell allegedly sought the weapon after spending the past month writing Facebook posts about murdering Jews and praising Roof, who was convicted of murdering nine black churchgoers in Charleston in June 2016. According to an FBI affidavit filed Thursday, McDowell’s internet activity suggested that he set his sights on the Temple Emanu-El, a conservative synagogue in Myrtle Beach.

To those who believe we must exclude Muslims in order to protect the Homeland from radical Islamic terrorism, I have but one question:

When do we start excluding White Christian extremists?

Granted, Benjamin Thomas Samuel McDowell isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Judging by his Facebook postings and his contact with an undercover FBI agent, I suspect his IQ is roughly equivalent to a box of hammers. In the end, McDowell proved to be a threat only to himself, too stupid to plan and execute the plot he discussed prior to his arrest.

The FBI should be applauded for doing what they do and nabbing a potential terrorist before he could become an actual one. With President Trump focused like a laser beam on Muslims as the primary source of terrorist attacks on US soil (they aren’t), one has to wonder what will happen to efforts to combat domestic terrorism. The Trump Administration has been making noises about de-emphasizing efforts directed against homegrown terrorists. That domestic terror poses a far greater danger to American safety and security doesn’t match the dominant narrative…and so it will be ignored as inconvenient. The current propaganda holds that Muslims pose the great threat to the Homeland; therefore all Muslims must be subjected to additional intense scrutiny. Besides, how can good, God-fearing, Conservative White Christians be terrorists??

Is it really possible our safety and security might be sacrificed, or at least subverted, to propaganda which can be (and has been) easily debunked? Will Americans die because of the Trump Administration’s devotion to a racist- and incorrect- narrative which holds that only Muslims can be terrorists?

Nice work, America.

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