“Do you believe in science?” seems like such a simple question

This isn’t intended to single out Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) for ridicule…though it would be richly deserved were I so inclined. That a 10-year-old girl could highlight the craven corruption of a leader in the Republican-majority Congress is amusing…and disturbing. Since when can a lucid, rational human not say “Yes, I believe in science” when asked, “Do you believe in science?” It’s a simple question with an even more straightforward answer- Yes or No.

As if there was any doubt which might have previously existed regarding Republican intentions and/or commitment to serving their constituents…well, here’s your sign, eh? When a politician can’t answer a simple question with only two possible answers- “Yes” or “No”- they should justifiably be retired. They’ve clearly lost sight of what they were elected to do and have become corrupt and beholden to special interest money. Rep. Chaffetz is but one example. They’re not all Republicans, but the overwhelming majority are…and they’re in control of our government.

Nice work, America.

1 thought on ““Do you believe in science?” seems like such a simple question

  1. Racer X

    …”corrupt and beholden to special interest money” – that IS what he was elected to do. The voters in his district are either too ignorant to realize it or don’t care. He certainly doesn’t work for them.


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