Now more than ever, it’s good to know love is still stronger than hate

A local community in Texas has rallied around a mosque destroyed by a fire on Saturday night, raising upwards of $800,000. After the blaze ripped through the mosque, the Islamic Centre of Victoria set up a a fundraising drive on GoFundMe on Sunday to help rebuild the mosque. On Monday, the campaign was close to hitting its target of $850,000, thanks to more than 18,000 donations from as far as Europe. According to the Victoria Advocate, at least four local churches and a synagogue has offered their places of worship for the mosque’s Muslim congregation. The center wrote a Facebook post on Sunday saying: “the local support from our wonderful Victorians has been heart warming. People drove from Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Fort Worth to join our tearful & joyful gathering that was filled with love & hope.”

So this happened, which has helped to at least momentarily stem the constant deafening drumbeat of thoroughly depressing Donald Trump-related news. Even in Texas, a deeply red state not renowned for its tolerance of anything non-Christian, compassion lives.

The mosque fire in Victoria was unfortunate. It appears to have been set deliberately, but investigators have yet to officially disclose the cause. In the meantime, good people have been proving that love really is stronger than hate…to the tune of more than $800,000.

Way to go, y’all.

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