Congress, the NRA, and guns: Whistling past the graveyard. Literally.

The United States is one of the greatest nations in the world. But compared to our peers, we’re one of the worst when it comes to gun violence. In America, you can be shot at an elementary school. You can be murdered at a church or movie theatre. You can even be executed on live TV — and yet there’s no real expectation of gun reform. Gun-related violence and death is a real public health problem in America, researchers say.

It’s a sad commentary on the (lack of) humanity and morality of America’s Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes © that our biggest public health problem continues to go unaddressed. Proudly Closed-minded Gun Control Foes © continue placing gun rights over the rights of innocent Americans to not be killed by gun violence. Continue reading

Alex Jones: When “karma” and “schadenfreude” are wholly inadequate to the task

In a statement issued on Friday, conspiracy website founder Alex Jones has requested that the press treat his ongoing child custody battle with his ex-wife in a “respectful and responsible” manner. After a full week of testimony, that included his outrageous statements and actions on his webcasts as well as his drug usage, Jones claimed the battle with his ex-wife Kelly for custody of their three children is a “private matter.”

From the “Irony just did a header off the 10-meter board” department comes this story of the drama that is the Alex Jones custody trial. Jones, who’s made a career out of repeatedly violating virtually every journalistic ethic known to mankind, is now asking that his privacy be respected. Who knew the man was also a comedian?

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been through a divorce. I can attest to the difficult, painful, and emotionally wrenching nature of the process. Then again, for Jones, whose career has been anything but “respectful and responsible,” to ask for his privacy to be respected is hypocrisy raised to the nth degree. Alex Jones has built his brand on refusing to respect norms and boundaries, and no conspiracy theory has been too “out there” for him to flog. The hypocrisy inherent in asking that his personal situation be treated in a “respectful and responsible” manner is truly a coffee-spew moment. He’s where karma goes to die…and where schadenfreude is looking to set up shop. Proceed at your own peril, eh?

…in which Dan Savage puts his money where his mouth is

Dan Savage is using his disdain for President Donald Trump for great causes. The LGBTQ rights activist and author announced April 18 that he’d raised $100,000 for three organizations that are in direct opposition to Trump policies through the sale of ITMFA, or “Impeach The Mother F*cker Already,” merchandise. Savage, 52, made the announcement on the weekly Seattle newspaper, The Stranger, and on his personal Instagram.

In my lifetime, I’ve not seen a President who engendered such visceral, vitriolic disdain among such a wide swath of the population. Donald Trump is easily the most disliked (and dislikeable) President I’ve had the misfortune to experience…and I’ve been around for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and both Bushes. That they’re all Republicans- and not coincidentally- is an intriguing story best left for another time. This President turns my stomach; his every thought, word, and deed leaves me struggling to stifle my gag reflex. Simply put, the sight and sound of the man makes me want to puke…and I’m not alone in that sentiment.

With the awesome power of da Interwebz behind us, it’s easy to turn that disdain into something more positive. In Dan Savage’s case, he raised $100,000 for three groups who actively oppose everything Donald Trump stands for. Whether or not it will lead to Trump’s impeachment remains to be seen- that may prove be a long road- but it’s a start. If one person can have that sort of an impact, think what a battalion of like-minded souls can do.

Welcome to democracy in action….

“[T]he Trump movement was real, Trump was real, he was fighting for us, the people….”

President Donald Trump’s hardcore white supremacist fans have not been shy about expressing their displeasure with some of Trump’s recent foreign policy moves…. [S]everal high-profile white nationalists also slammed Trump for denouncing the Holocaust as “the darkest chapter of human history” during a speech before the World Jewish Congress Plenary Assembly in New York. Per Salon, Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin this week railed against Trump’s denunciation of the Holocaust while arguing that “our President is being held hostage by vicious Jews” — and he said that Trump no longer had his support. “I think it is important on a personal and I dare say a spiritual level to understand that the Trump movement was real, Trump was real, he was fighting for us, the people,” Anglin wrote. “But whatever happened around the period of the last week of March, Our President is no longer Our President.”

It’s a pretty sad day in the history of this great nation when the racist xenophobe in the White House is denounced by virulent racists and anti-Semites for insufficient devotion to the cause. If you can seriously argue that the President is “being held hostage by vicious Jews,” there’s something very deeply and profounded broken about you. If you can claim with no trace of irony that the Trump Administration is under the influence of “Jewish advisors,” you’re a truly, deeply pathetic example of humanity. If you honestly believe Jared Kushner is trying to steer America into “supporting a more globalist agenda,” I feel sorry for you. It’s gotta be tough being awash in so much hatred and anti-Semitism. Continue reading

Think of the average Trump supporter…and then realize half are even less intellectually agile